First United Methodist Church
Sunday, April 20, 2014
Making Disciples of Jesus Christ through faith, family, friends and fellowship



First United Methodist Church is a warm, growing and vibrant congregation seeking to journey as friends and family together through the worship of Jesus Christ. We strive to bring worship and fellowship to the community of Freeport Texas.

We invite you to come in and visit with us any time you are in the Freeport Texas area. Worship begins at 11:00 each Sunday morning.


On April 7, 2013 First United Methodist Church celebrated its 100th anniversary. The following links are that Sunday's worship service. Due to file size constraints the service is broken into three parts.


100th Anniversary Service - Part 1

100th Anniversary Service - Part 2

100th Anniversary Service - Part 3


Because of the 100th anniversary celebration the Sunday after Easter, we were not able to follow our usual custom of having "Bright Sunday" a.k.a. "Holy Humor Sunday" on that particular day. After some discussion, the worship committee made the decision to move "Bright Sunday" to Pentecost Sunday. We had another great day. There was on part of the service planned but because of technical difficulties (the wireless internet in the balcony decided to take the day off) we were unable to show. Our youth produced a video commercial. We wanted folks to see it and you can, by clicking the link below.





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